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Q. What features does instant message have?

Our state-of-the-art instant message system puts the real fun into chatting online! One-on-one video and audio chat give you a fabulous sneak peek at your potential dates and new friends, while good old fashioned text chat adds some flare to your video chat or lets you break the ice when you first meet.

Here are some of our instant message features in more detail…

One-on-one text chatting
Your instant message system has all the features you want for live chat! You can change text style, add smilies and double check your spelling before you hit Send.

You can see your chat partner's username, age and location right in the window, so you don't have to break away from your conversation to find out with whom you're chatting. And if you click on the person's username, you can go right to his or her full profile for all the juicy details.

Add people straight to your Favorites Hot List
Chatting up a storm with someone you like? Just click the HOT LIST icon and your chat partner will be instantly added to your FAVORITES Hot List without missing a beat.

Someone trying to chat with you and not getting the message that you're not interested? Click the BLOCK icon and the person won't be able to instant message you any more and will appear on your BLOCKED Hot List.

Always know who's typing
Tripping over your own words is hard enough, but someone else's, forget about it. To keep you and your chat partner from typing at the same time and getting lost with the conversation, glance up at the abc icon in the top left of the instant message window to see when the other person is typing.

Let people know when you step away
You can switch your instant message setting to away by moving the AWAY SWITCH from green to red. A friendly text message will appear in the chat window so your chat partner knows you're unavailable for the moment.

Flood control
To keep someone from typing your ear off, playing annoying tricks or bombarding you with nonsense, your instant message system will automatically detect when there's something fishy going on. If it sees that text is coming too quickly (quicker than anyone could type), it alerts you and waits a few moments before allowing the conversation to continue. It doesn't stop normal or fast conversations, but will spare you from the flood.

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