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Erica and John


After about four months on your site, I met Kurt, someone very special, who I dated exclusively for about four months. He was awesome, and I thought I had found 'the one'.

Then one day, I got a phone call from his best friend telling me that he had been killed in a boating accident. I thought I had lost my chance of ever being with that special someone again. I was beyond devastated. I have hard times to this day. I had never lost anyone close to me in my life until Kurt, but I learned a lot about life from him and still look up to him.

A month passed, and I decided to get back on the site to see if there was anyone who had been through a similar situation. I never knew someone could hurt so much. I met several friends on the site who helped me through the hardest days. In no way did I ever think I'd be ready to seriously date any time soon.

In November, I did a search to see who was online and saw a picture of this sweet looking guy from Illinois. I wasn't paying for the service and couldn't talk to people unless they talked to me first, but I couldn't just let this opportunity pass by. So, I signed up for a premium membership and IM'd him while he was online. Being from Missouri, I was hoping he was just right across the border.

We started talking in early November and hit if off immediately. Our families approved of our relationship from the get-go, and he proposed in January. We were wed twenty-eight days later. Some thought we were crazy. But in that time, we planned an inexpensive but beautiful ceremony that people are still talking about. He's everything I have ever wanted.

I truly appreciate John and what we have together. We're perfect for each other. And somehow, he thinks the sun sets and rises by me. He is the most amazing guy I've ever been with, and I keep falling for him more and more every day. I had no faith in guys for a while, but ladies, the good ones are not all taken!

We'll thank you for the rest of our lives!

Erica and John (aka me2sweet and unvrknow)
Salem, Missouri and Morris, Illinois

Found love on Spark? Tell us about it »
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