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Kristy and Jason


Jason and I spoke online for about a week and half before meeting. Actually, it's kind of funny because when he wrote me, he was on a trial membership and was using this really bad picture of himself. When I saw it, I seriously considered not writing back, but his email was short and sincere, so I changed my mind. I intended to only communicate with him online because he didn't look like my type, but a few days later, after writing short messages back and forth, he put a new picture up, and I almost fell over. He was so cute!

So, we kept talking and made plans to meet on a Thursday for coffee, but the Wednesday before our date, I came home to find an email from Jason telling me that he was going to be at a small sports bar near my house that night and to stop by if I had a chance. Well, that night I was supposed to be having dinner with friends and was already running late when I left my house, but when I drove by the sports bar, I couldn't resist.

I was so nervous walking in and wasn't even sure if I'd recognize him or vice-versa, but when I saw this tall, cute guy with short dirty blond hair leaning over a pool table in the back, I knew it was him. And when he saw me, he got the biggest smile on his face. We talked for about twenty minutes. It was so easy. We clicked right away. We both love to tell stories and make other people laugh, so when I had to leave for dinner, I knew that Jason was it for me. When I saw my friends that night, they told me I was glowing, and I revealed how excited I was about this wonderful man.

We kept our coffee date for the next night. He met my best friend, and I met his. We watched a movie and stayed up late. That was in early October. I moved in by mid-December. Next week is our six month anniversary, and we're going to be moving back up north, closer to his family.

Jason and I have been through a lot early in our relationship, but if it wasn't for him, I'm not sure I would be so motivated to graduate next month. He tells me everyday that if it wasn't for me, his life would be empty. We're in love, and even though things have moved a little quickly, we both just know that we're meant to be together. I never expected to meet someone as special as he is, and he tells me that I am more than he could've asked for. If it wasn't for your site, I know we would've met later in life because we know we're meant to be together, but your site brought us together sooner. We can't tell you how much we appreciate how lucky we are to have met in such a unique way.

Thank you!

Kristy and Jason
Valdosta, Georgia

Found love on Spark? Tell us about it »
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