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Luz and Joe


How do we begin to share our remarkable love story with you? It was through her mother that Luz posted a profile on your site. Her mom played cupid, which led to us finding each other.

I was actively searching for a while, and Luz’s mother had just placed her profile on your site. By chance, we met. It was a miracle come true for both of us!

We both immediately felt a strong and spiritual connection from the first email messages, and our conversations were warm, caring, fun and carefree! We became closer as we took time to become better acquainted. We felt so comfortable talking about our days and nights, our pasts, the importance of family, our common interests and things we both admired.

It took less than one month before we both realized it was time to meet. Like a fairytale, our first date was simple, yet beautiful…

It was a rainy day. I was this Italian-American man traveling to our meeting, bearing flowers and Italian pastries, anticipating the beauty of Luz and a home-cooked Colombian meal. Although we are from different cultural backgrounds, we were in agreement that this beautiful emotion we both were feeling would overcome any fears or differences that may lie between us.

As I arrived at her doorstep, the butterflies in my stomach were soon replaced by an almost instant feeling of relaxation and contentment.

I made a quick phone call to tell Luz that I had just parked my car. While walking towards her house, I soon heard her footsteps running down the stone covered driveway towards me. The rain was falling steadily. And then, we both saw each other and embraced with the warmest of hugs and a loving kiss.

Luz and I walked hand in hand to her home where we placed the flowers in a vase and the pastries in the fridge. We decided to get better acquainted by taking a ride to the local mall. As we walked hand and hand, we were as happy together as two high school sweethearts. It was truly amazing.

We then went back to Luz's house where I learned the wonders of her amazing Colombian cooking, followed by the most romantic evening. By night’s end, we both knew we would be together again within the next few days and begin our journey together, just Luz and I, one day at a time.

Our days and nights are now filled with the greatest feelings of love and respect. We both are so excited, and as Luz says, we complement each other.

We agree that the air is sweeter, the flowers are more beautiful, and life is so much more fulfilling and complete for us both!


Joe and Luz
Morristown and Fairview, NJ

Found love on Spark? Tell us about it »
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