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Nicole and Gilberto


My husband and I found each other on your site. His name is Gilberto. We chatted and emailed each other back and forth for about three weeks. It seemed that we clicked right away.

One day, he posted a new picture of himself with his car, and I came to realize that the car looked very familiar to me. After a couple of hours of thinking about it, I realized that the man that I was chatting with from your site was my next door neighbor at my apartment complex!

Our apartments shared a wall. He could hear my dog barking and me singing in the shower. And I always saw a cute guy passing by that lived next door but neither of us put two and two together. I finally got up the nerve to start up a conversation with him. All I had to do was walk outside while he was washing his car in front of my apartment!

Today marks two years of us meeting each other in person. If it hadn't been for your site, even though we lived right next door to each other, we may not have ever gotten together! How amazing is that?

I just wanted to thank you guys for helping me meet the man of my dreams. We got married and had a beautiful wedding. I have attached a couple of pictures of us at our wedding!

Thanks again for helping bring us together!

Nicole and Gilberto
Columbus, Georgia

Found love on Spark? Tell us about it »
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