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Julie and Nick


Nick and I finally met on the 28th of November, after having some minor setbacks with trying to meet earlier. We had chatted online and over the phone, then found that we were both going to be spending Thanksgiving in Chicago with our families, Nick in Des Plaines and I in Bolingbrook, where we both are originally from. Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided that it should snow the day that Nick was to be driving down there, which allowed him to visit family and to meet me.

We are the perfect match. As the saying goes: "Someone is out there for everyone. " It just so happens that both Nick and I are originally from Illinois (not too far from each other), that we both moved to Grand Rapids,Michigan, and that we were both members on your site. We both have the child that the other wanted -- Nick has a daughter (6), and I have a son (14). One reason that we both became members is that we both have kids and weren’t venturing out to date.

When we finally met, there was a lot of chemistry -- both physical attraction and continuous conversation with hardly a pause. It felt like we had known each other for a long time.

Since the day we met, we haven't been apart except for having to go to work. Then, we come home and hug each other as if we hadn't seen each other for a while.

Two weeks after dating we said the three big words, "I love you," which to me never had been easy to say. But with Nick, I should have said it the day we met. But I am glad we said it when we did so we didn’t scare each other off.

To all those who are still searching, keep your head up and don't give up -- your soul mate is out there. I know because I found mine and can't wait to grow old with him and possibly have more children in the future with him.

Thank you,

Julie and Nick
Grand Rapids, Michigan and Illinois

Found love on Spark? Tell us about it »
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