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Aidee and Richard


Well, first of all I want to thank you for this incredible opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Our story began on the last days of May of 2003 when, by accident, I clicked through to your web site (I was downloading mp3s, like always), and finally, I decided to join. (I was recovering from a broken relationship, so part of me wanted some space to meet other people.) I met a couple of guys, but nothing serious. Then when I was looking for someone to just chat, I saw his picture and thought, "he's cute," and felt a little bit of curiosity. I checked his profile, and then I took the chance to chat with him.

At the beginning, he was busy (he was at his work), and after five minutes of chatting, he said, "I have to go, we can talk later." So, I sent an email that night, letting him know that I liked the short conversation… that we had interesting things in common and that I wanted to stay in touch with him. He replied saying the same thing, so we agreed to chat that night.

After one month of chatting online, he called me by phone and we talked for about two hours. (I couldn't believe that this sweet guy bothered to take the phone and make an international long distance call -- I live in Mexico; he lives in Seattle.) He started to say that he wanted to know me better and wanted to come to visit me. After a couple of weeks, he sent me an email with the airplane ticket confirmation… also the hotel confirmation, everything!!

The first impression that I had was that he was a gentlemen; he was a wonderful guy. We spent a great weekend together. He met my family, and my friends made a BBQ for him.

After his first visit, I decided to go to Seattle (his family knew about our relationship), so I bought the ticket for Thanksgiving Day. It was an impossible mission, but I did it! He introduced me to his family (and I traveled with my dad). On Thanksgiving, he proposed marriage in front of his parents and my dad. I started crying, and said yes.

In April 2004, his parents came to visit my family and finally set our wedding date (October 2004).

For the people who don't think they can find someone by Internet, let me tell you this: You’re wrong. Of course, you have to know each other and be honest with everyone (and, of course, yourself). Once more, thanks to your site for giving us a chance to find our one special person and missing half.

Aidee and Richard
Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico and Seattle, Washington

Found love on Spark? Tell us about it »
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