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Lisa and Nick


I found the love of my life on your site. I hadn't had any luck and was really going to give up on finding my true love. It had been a month or so since I had logged on, and I was planning on canceling … till it said I had a message from this mystery girl. I started to read the message and the profile, so I changed my mind about canceling and looked into her a little more.

She was the angel I was searching for. I couldn't believe that the girl I was looking for found me. We talked through email for a week and then on the phone, and after a month and a half of that, we met.

I hadn’t seen a picture of her because she didn't want to post it, so the curiosity was killing me. I almost walked past her, that’s how beautiful she was. I was in shock by it. We kissed the next night, and it was a very good one. I felt in that minute that she was the one.

We have been together for a year now and last Christmas, I asked her to marry me. We got married in October of this year!

I hope that you guys can also help other people find their angels!

Thank you,

Nick and Lisa
McHenry, Illinois

Found love on Spark? Tell us about it »