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Nora and Phil


Your site is where we initially made contact. As incredible as it may sound, we were living only one mile away from each other. We had both been single for over four years. Following a few emails and a phone call, we agreed to meet for supper. That was on a Tuesday evening after work. We both laugh now when we recall it taking us one and a half hours to get around to ordering our food. That first date lasted five hours!

By the end of our third date, we had both agreed to a monogamous relationship and to put our memberships on hold. Approximately one month later, on December 12, 2005, we were engaged. Both families and friends call what has happened "fate."

During this holiday season of thanksgiving, family and joy, we want to take this opportunity to offer other singles the spirit of hope and faith in knowing that it does still happen! We now share the greatest gift of all: love.

Phil and Nora

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Found love on Spark? Tell us about it »
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