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Nancy and Darcy


I am writing this letter to thank you. I met the woman I love on your site and married her. I joined on a whim in July 2005. I was frustrated with my life and wanted to meet some new people. I had recently broken off an engagement as we both thought it wasn’t going anywhere. My fiancé got cold feet after I gave her the ring, and the relationship crumbled quickly after that.

I live in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. One lady from my area sent me an email indicating that she was interested in me. I agreed to meet her, but nothing really clicked. I started to explore, going into the chat rooms. I started with the 40’s room. Most of the ladies in there were American or from Eastern Canada and lived too far away, but it gave me an outlet to chat and get to know some of them.

I soon explored the 50’s room. The ladies in there seemed nice, but were older than me and, again, lived far away. I soon got to know a lot of people in there and flirted around, but wasn’t really looking for a relationship from it. I was soon getting addicted to the site, and all my free time at work and in the evenings was filled with the chat rooms. There were a lot of very nice people in there that were as lonely as I was.

In October, I met Nancy. At first I thought she was a little nutty because of her sense of humor. She livened up the room every time she came in and had me in stitches. We talked a lot and became friends quickly. She was very open and was down-to-earth and very sweet. Nancy and I became good friends, and she told me she had a crush on me. Nancy lives in the suburbs of Chicago, and I never ever thought she and I would hook up. I brushed off some of her advances, and I thought she was kidding, so she tried to give up on me, and she met and dated a couple of guys locally from the room. I was really jealous, but supportive when she told me.

You changed the format of the site in November and added cameras into the chat rooms. This really changed the room drastically. The room was better, but had its disadvantages too. A lot of us had cams, and there were quite a few people too shy to use one. Nancy and I were still chatting almost daily, but I was trying to keep my distance as I knew she liked me very much, and again, we live 1800 miles away from each other. I felt we were going to get hurt. She was bound and determined to find a way to meet me. She asked me to come meet her in Chicago, and I said I would, but then she backed out, like she was kidding.

The chat room organized a New Year’s Eve bash reunion in Nashville, Tennessee, and I wanted to go, but wasn’t sure if I could go due to my work. I work in the oilfield in Alberta, and my work schedule varies. Finally, I made arrangements to go because I got time off. I let Nancy know I was going to Nashville, so she immediately made arrangements to go. She could only make it for three days, and I was going for six. She wanted to meet me and stay with me, so we agreed to get a hotel together. On December 30, she arrived at the Nashville Airport, and I was waiting for her. It was love at first sight. We kissed for the longest time at the airport terminal.

We went to a party for all chat room attendees. Nancy and I were inseparable that night. We had such a great time. We had a very memorable time altogether with all the friends we met from the room. I think there were 26 of us altogether. We spent the next three days together and with the group. Our love for each other grew more. We agreed to take this relationship further and try a long-distance relationship. We knew we both were in love, and the day she left was very hard emotionally. I promised I would come to Chicago on my days off, and we would try and make this work. I drove Nancy to the airport and found out her flight was cancelled due to bad weather in Chicago, so we spent an extra day together, which was very special. The next day we both flew home, and we separated in the airport.

We talked every chance we had, for hours each day. I was working 21-day shifts in the oilfield and then would get a week off. I took every opportunity on my days off to fly to Chicago to be with her. Nancy and I had a hard time trying to work the relationship this way, but we both supported each other to make it work. Every time we were together our love was stronger and stronger. We both decided to quit the site in late January because there was no need to stay on because we were together. We stayed in contact with most of the people that had become our friends from the chat room, and a number of them are still active in the chat room.

Nancy and I continued long-distance for three months, and then, Nancy came up to Canada. She had some problems with Canadian customs and immigration when she first got here. She got a bad taste for Canada.

She thought her holiday here was going well until we had a fight. The fight was silly, but she was still upset about her experience with the immigration officials. She flew home four days early, and we broke up. We resolved the differences soon after she got home and knew we had to be together because we loved each other. Nancy proposed to me because she knew she wanted me for the rest of her life. I accepted the proposal and knew she was the one for me too.

Nancy and I got married on May 29, 2006, three weeks after Nancy proposed. We decided to get married in Canada, in Nelson, British Columbia. I got to work on the arrangements and planned the whole thing over the phone and internet. We decided to elope because financially it made sense, plus this was Nancy ’s fourth marriage and my second. A friend of ours, Susan, decided she could stand up for Nancy. She knew a guy that lived in the area that would stand up for me, Patrick. Everything came together very well, and we had a fairytale wedding. It couldn’t have been any better. We all had a great time together, and Nancy and I had a mini honeymoon traveling through British Columbia for four days.

Nancy and I are married now, but not living together yet. Nancy is moving here from Chicago. All the plans are in place, and I’m flying to Chicago and driving Nancy and her things back in a U-Haul. Nancy and I have met and still stay in contact with many friends from the chat room. We know we will continue to remain true friends.

Nancy and I personally know we are true soul mates and want to thank you for your personals site. My advice to all Premium Members is to be yourself, have fun, don’t try too hard to find someone. Remember to tell the truth, and your soul mate may find you when you least expect it. Take a chance, life is short. Go for it.


Darcy and Nancy
Red Deer , AB Canada and Chicago, Illinois, USA

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