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Barbara & Doug


I had been on AmericanSingles for a couple of years and had decided to cancel my Premium Membership when I got a message from Doug. I read his profile and there was just something about him that I found appealing, so I answered his email. By the third message, he asked for my phone number. He quickly called me, and we talked for hours a day. So much that one night, both my portable phones and my cell phone died before we could say good night.

Finally, he asked me out to dinner, and I drove to meet him. It was almost love at first sight. Doug had already called his grown son and told him he had met the woman he was going to marry, and he had not met me face to face yet. By our third date, I knew I was a goner! He is a very loving man with a heart of gold and a gentle soul.

I brought him home to meet my son and his fiancée, who happened to live next door to me, and they took to him instantly. He asked my son for permission to marry his mother, and my son said, “You’re asking the wrong person. You had better ask Mom first.” So, he proposed on the spot!

When I let the rest of my grown kids in on what was happening, they were shocked to say the least. My youngest son talked to them and told them: "Doug is just a male version of Mom; he is a loving, giving, gentle person with a heart of gold, and he makes Mom very happy. What more could we want for her?"

We then picked out my engagement ring and set the date for January 24th, 2007.

Advice to other members:
Like I said, I had been on AmericanSingles for a couple of years and kissed enough frogs until I finally found my Prince. On the other hand, Doug (the stinker) hit the jackpot, as he calls me, on the first time out. So, to all of you out there still looking, there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; you may just have to kiss a few dozen frogs before you get there. Good luck to all of you!

Barbara and Doug
Jacksonville, Florida

Found love on Spark? Tell us about it »