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Suzanne & Chip


I was a member of AmericanSingles in 2003 when I sent a Flirt to Chip that changed our lives forever! I had been divorced for over two years after 18 years of marriage, and he was divorced after 12 years of marriage. I didn’t want to relocate, so I searched for someone who lived near me, and Chip was only 20 minutes away.

Chip looked at my photo and was very interested, but my profile said I wanted someone over 6 feet tall. Well, he was only 5'8" and thought I wouldn't be interested. I always searched for men "over 6 foot," but one day I checked them all out. I loved his profile, and we had so much in common. We both loved high school sports, and I knew from his picture that I wanted to get to know him, even though I’m 5'9"! Well, after I sent the Flirt, he sent me an email. Long story short, Chip knew who I was through a mutual friend that he had called to ask about me. After I found out that we knew some of the same people, I felt safe corresponding with him. This was at the end of May 2003.

Our first date was on June 14, 2003. We hit it off from the very second we met and have been together ever since. We were married on October 4th, 2003, and now are happier than ever. We have three boys, my 20- year-old son and his kids, now 10 and 13. We are all one big happy family!

The picture of us is on our second anniversary on a cruise to the Grand Cayman Islands and Cozumel, Mexico.

We both knew what it was like to be in an unhappy marriage, and now we know what pure bliss is all about. We love each other like we have never loved anyone before.

We may have lived a short distance away, but would never have met if not for AmericanSingles. Thank you for changing our lives!

Tips for other members:
Don’t look for a particular "type" of person. I wanted a man who was 6 foot or taller with green eyes, and I fell madly in love with a man who is 5'8" and has brown eyes! Keep your options open and you just might find the love of your life. We did!

Suzanne and Chip
Leesburg, Georgia

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