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Charissa and Louis


Thank you so much for emailing me your address. My name was Charissa L., now it is Charissa P. In August of last year, I signed up as a member of I met Louis P. online. We met on Halloween, were engaged on New Year's Eve and married on July 8th, 2000. We are so blessed. We are so in love, and we are so perfect for each other. Thanks to you. We both feel provided us with a safe, time saving, and easy way to meet a soul mate, if that is what we choose. I wrote a poem about how we met. It's called "The Search." In fact, it is in our wedding program. I also enclosed a copy of our invitation. I am sending you some wedding pictures to give you an essence of what a dream come true it is for us. Thanks again

Charissa and Louis
Palm Springs and Rancho Cucamonga, CA

The Search by Charissa P.

After A Few Years Of Being Single.
Played The Field And Done The Mingle.

It's Time To Search For Me, A Mate.
But First, Again Must Learn To Date.

Just The Thought Makes Me Nervous.
A Book! "Be Your Own Dating Service"?

Read That Book From Cover To Cover.
Learning To Find A Mate And Lover.

The Car Radio Was On One Day.
Join It Would Say.

Through The Internet - It Was Free.
On My Computer Late Past Three.

So Many To Choose From Short To Tall.
There Ain't No Way To Contact Them All.

So I Picked Out The Ones That I Like.
View Through Their Profiles, It Took All Night.

My Computer Was Smoking, When The Emails Came.
So Many Of Them, Must File Them By Name.

He Who Sound Interesting Are The Ones I Kept.
Emails, Phone Calls, And A Few I Met.

Some Were Nutty And Some Were Polite.
It Is Hard Work Searching For Mr. Right.

One Day Browsing, Up Came A Profile. Something About This One Stop Me Awhile.

Was It The Gray Hair Or Was It his Smile?
Let's Email This One, He's Got Style.

Read All About Him, I Liked What I Saw.
He Seemed To Be The Best One Of Them All.
He Replied To My Email, The Very Next Day.
We Chatted By Phone, Had Lots To Say.

First Time We Met Was Halloween Night.
He Seemed Sweet, Smart and Looked All Right.

Our Face-To-Face Meeting Was Very Simple.
I Like The Gray Hair Around His Temple.

A Few Weeks Later, We Dated Again.
I Was Happy To Have Met A Friend.

It feel so Natural When He Hold Me Close.
I Really Do Like Him The Best & Most.

He Seem To Make Me Laugh, Yet Kinda Shy.
Each Time He Kiss Me, It Make Me Sigh.

Louis Is Calming, He Soothes My Heart.
Is He My Soul Mate Or Is He Not?

He Proposed, New Year's Eve, At 12 O'Clock.
As The Fireworks Bursting "I" Was In-Shock.

Of Course I Said Yes! Ain't No Fool.
Louis Is Handsome, Loving And Cool.

I'd Be Honored To Be Your Wife.
This Time, It Will Be For Life.

No Matter Where We Are. We Have Fun.
Planning Our Lives, Being His Number One.

Finally Found You, My Love, My Mate.
The Eighth Of July Will Be Our Wedding Date.

Plan Us A Wedding? As I Would Like?
That Is So Exciting, I'm High As A Kite!

Our Honeymoon Will Be The Final Touch.
Thank You My Louie, I Love You So Much.

So, This Ends My Search As You Can See.
Mrs. Louis Eugene P., Now I will be.

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