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Jeanne and Dan


A poem about how Dan and Jeanne met..., that's the ticket,
Among the Internet dating thicket,
For the folks on A.S. are really quite great,
'Cause right there on your site, I've discovered my mate!

Her name is Ms. Jeanne, as in Jeanne D'Arc,
She came to visit me, just on a lark,
From Birmingham, England, during late May,
Then I flew there for a three-week stay.

We found our profiles wonderfully matched,
And so some lifelong plans we've hatched,
She'll be here again soon from across the big ditch,
And 'ere summer is gone, I'll just bet we'll be hitched.
So my best advice to you singles browsers,
Is forget other sites, they're too often losers,
AmericanSingles, it's probably the best,
'Cause for Internet dating, it sure meets the test.

So thanks once again AmericanSingles,
For your marvelous site that gave me the tingles,
And found for this guy from across the blue ocean,
The lovely Ms. Jeanne, for whom I've devotion.

Jeanne and Dan
Westpoint, CA and Birmingham, UK

Found love on Spark? Tell us about it »