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Emmy and Christian


My name is Emmy, but you know me as BlueEyedCowgirl1974. I want to thank you for your part in bringing my Christian and I together!

When Christian (aka Oracle74) and I started teasing each other, we had no idea who the other was. We went by first names only in emails - me as Emmy, him as Chris. We found out that we had so very much in common, and I believe we both knew there was a connection before we ever met. As it turned out, we knew each other as acquaintances. He knew me as Mary...I knew him as Christian. One of my friends is his cousin by marriage. We attended small town schools 10-25 miles apart all through high school. He was a cop in a town that I moved to 6 years ago. He moved south a couple years before I did. We have been so close all of our lives, but our paths really never crossed...they just seemed to run parallel until March when we found each other on!

Our relationship has not been easy. Most people meet for first dates and continue from there. They are actually able to SEE each other. My honey and I can see each other only through the use of webcams. He is stationed in Eastern Europe. We have had our first date. It was in Hungary! How cool is that?! He was given a leave and invited me to come over!

I was nervous about meeting him face to face in this new light until I saw him waiting for me in the airport. From that moment, there was no nervousness...only love! Our first date was the best of my life! I've never known that such romance existed...he has shown me that it does.

He leaves soon to come home. Until then, we will continue to email each other twice a day, chat online when we can, talk on the phone once a week and write letters. Once he gets home, he has vowed that we will never separate again. He is released from the Military soon, and he is not re-enlisting. We can't wait to begin our life together!

This has been difficult. I wish so much that we could be together NOW, but I wake each day with the knowledge that I have found my one and only true love! He is soooo perfect for me! I love him with all my heart, and I thank you graciously for helping us find each other!!!

Emmy and Christian

Found love on Spark? Tell us about it »
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