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Grace and Geert


Our success!

March 2, 2001 was our big day. We got married! What was our path to success? It is a very simple story. Two people fall in love and get married because they are meant for each other. But how do you know if someone in Holland is the perfect match for somebody in Brazil? First of all, you need to tell the world that you are looking for somebody. We both decided to do this through

Our story:

After 40 years of being single, the thought of growing old alone gave Geert the inspiration to sign up with He decided to get a subscription so that he could contact people in his neighborhood, but never thought that anyone from the other side of the world would write to him.

It was different for the Brazilian woman named Grace. Grace looked through members from all over the world and found the man of her dreams in Holland... so she decided to write to him.

Totally surprised to receive an email from Brazil, Geert studied Grace's profile to get to know something about her and then decided to email back. After the exchange of daily emails (sometimes overly poetic) and talking on the telephone (watch your bills!), Grace and Geert had a very good feeling about each other and decided to meet each other in Holland. Grace visited Holland, and we lived together for a while. Everything worked out very well! Grace got to know the country, as well as my family and friends. Getting to know each other's lives is a very important thing in a relationship. Together, we went to Brazil so that I could get to know Grace's life there too--to meet her family and friends, to see the country, and to learn about her culture.

We both saw how each other's lives were and tasted how our lives would be together. We are a perfect match, and this led to our marriage.

With this story, I want to encourage all of you to shout to the world that you don't want to grow old alone and that you are looking for somebody. There are many people that are just like you. Try to find them at the site and write them an email! I hope that you all will be just as lucky as we are. Good luck and keep having confidence in yourselves. Somebody is waiting just for you!

And don't forget, keep shouting to the world. We found our luck and so will you!

Grace and Geert
The Netherlands and Brazil

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