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Heather and Justin and Wyatt Thomas


My name is Heather, and my husband and I met on your website.

It was during the first few days of 2001. I was looking for an Internet yellow pages and saw an ad for your site at the bottom of the AOL yellow pages. It showed, I think, like three pics. And then when you clicked on them, it took you to the site. One of the pics I saw was for this man who I thought looked just like a favorite country singer of mine, Chad Brock. So for some reason, I was compelled to write him a note. So I became a member to do so and sent him a very short, shy note saying I liked his pic.

Later that night, he emailed me back. We instant messaged for a few nights, then talked on the phone for about a week or two. Then I went up to where he lived, Buellton, California, which was 3 hours from me in Lancaster. But from the moment our eyes met, I knew!!! He hugged me, and I felt like I'd known him forever!!!

It I was so awesome. We talked all night and just fell in love. That was Jan 14th, 2001, and we have never been apart since. We took turns seeing each other -- one weekend he came to me, the next I went to him.

I had always been told that, due to an ovarian disease, I would never have kids. I had had two miscarriages prior, about 7 years ago. Well, in March of 2001, I was pregnant!!! We moved our wedding date up to August 2001, and in December 2001, we had a darling baby boy named Wyatt Thomas :).

My husband and I were meant to be. He is truly my best friend. People always laugh when we say we met on the Internet, but I have a close friend who also met her husband on the Net and have since met about five couples who met this way too, and they are the happiest people I know.

I believe we were able to talk and be comfortable and not have pressure this way. We were in control of the situation :). I have never been so glad of taking a chance :). Life is great. THANKS.

Heather and Justin and Wyatt Thomas
Solvang, CA

Found love on Spark? Tell us about it »
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