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Kitty and Michael


I signed up on your site when I first got my computer, in March of 1999. I used the Yahoo! search engine looking for a chat room (I had always wanted to try one), and the first on the list was your site. Since I was a single mother of 2, and it was very hard for me to get anywhere to meet anyone, I wanted to try the computer-dating world. So, I logged in (using the Username VirginiaKitty) and created a profile.

The first time I logged into the chat room, I talked with Michael (whose Username was TMikeF). We had so much in common, and we quickly became friends. Deep down, I wanted to have something more meaningful with him, but he was in Ozark, Arkansas, and I was in Winchester, Virginia---1064 miles from each other. We talked continuously and exchanged ICQ numbers and phone numbers. In May 1999, I moved from my apartment in Winchester to a house, and I was off-line for awhile. By late June, I had everything settled in, and as soon as I logged in, there was Michael. I was surprised at how much I had missed him. We spent a couple of days ICQing each other, and then we decided that it was time to hear each other's voices. Even though we had exchanged phone numbers quite a few months earlier, neither one of us had ever made the first move to call.

Before we actually talked the first time, I wanted to see a face so that I would have something to put the voice with. So, we exchanged pictures over ICQ. My heart was literally racing while the picture loaded in, and when it did, WOW was it worth the wait. Before me on my computer screen was a very handsome man with dark hair and dark eyes. I just couldn't believe it. And with him in the photo was an adorable little boy. I knew that he had custody of his son, so this was not a surprise. After he received my picture, he did not sound disappointed. Nervous as I was, I made the first move to call--and that voice...WOW. Ok, so there I was 1064 miles away from this man, and suddenly I felt myself falling for him. I knew that he was only looking for friendship, so I didn't dare tell him how I felt—nevertheless, between the computer and the phone, no one else could ever seem to get through to us. I could feel us getting closer, but I was still afraid to say anything. I didn't want to face the fact that we were so far apart and that this seemed so impossible.

One afternoon, I checked my email hoping for something from Mike. I found something from PIMPIN' CUPID, and in the subject line, it said "SOMEONE LIKES YOU." I thought that this was some kind of joke, but I figured that I might as well find out who sent it. ...Later that afternoon, I got another email that said "YOU HAVE A MATCH," and when I read it, I found out that I matched with Mike!!!! I was elated. I went to Blue Mountain Cards and sent him a card that told him how I really felt. That night when we talked on the phone, he told me that he loved me and that he had felt this way for a long time but was afraid to tell me. That night, he said that he was going to send me his resume, and me, like a dummy, asked him why. And without hesitating, he responded, "Well, I have to have a job when I move to Virginia, don't I?" There was never a question in my mind or his. We made plans for him to move here. We talked about marriage, but we wanted to wait until he got here to discuss it more. On August 27, 1999 at 2:45pm, Mike left Ozark, Arkansas with his truck loaded down, his dog and his son, and he was headed for Virginia. We talked on his cell phone almost the whole trip to Virginia (we're still paying that bill---but it was well worth it).

At 8:45 a.m. on August 28, 1999, Mike was in my arms. I could not have asked for a better man. The moment I kissed him for the first time, I felt magic, and I knew that from that moment on he was to be eternally mine and I his. We complete each other's thoughts, sentences, dreams. He is my counterpart, my soul mate.

On September 19, 1999, while sitting on the back porch looking up at the stars, Mike asked me to marry him. Of course, I accepted. We had already looked at rings but hadn't bought them yet. By the end of that week, I had a beautiful Marquis diamond on my hand. On September 28, 1999, we purchased wedding bands and decided that we would go ahead and get our marriage license the next day, even though we still wanted to make some plans so that we could have some friends and family present for a small wedding. After we got our marriage license, Mike asked me, "So, do you want to get married today?" I was surprised and shocked, but I wanted to be his wife, so away we went. We were married on September 29, 1999 at noon in the First Christian Church on Merrimans Lane in Winchester, Virginia. And here it is, over a year later, and we are still happy and very much in love. I found my love-of-a-lifetime. Thank you so much!!

Kitty and Michael

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