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Liane and Donovan


I am going to Alaska this coming Wednesday for a few days to see Donovan again. It is so wonderful when we are together.

It was his picture FIRST that captured me, his wonderful smile. Then his profile was exactly true to form. He read my profile and was equally impressed. He sketches for me, and I write poetry for him. We have had wonderful romantic times at a bed and breakfast in Alaska and watching the fourth of July fireworks from the top level of my parent's boat, eating caviar and drinking champagne alone. It was like the fireworks were for us, and it also felt like it was the first time we had each SEEN fireworks.

He met me at the airport in Alaska for a visit with one single red rose held in front of him and when I got closer, pulled out an enormous bouquet from behind his back. He was surrounded by a group of people and I had no idea who they were. As it turns out, they were just people waiting for other arrivals at the airport, and he had started telling them all of this girl coming to visit. They surrounded him and all waited for me to come through the gates. One woman was so touched that she gave him the red rose her brother had given her to present to me -- and Donovan held it and let me think that is what he had for me and then pulled out the bouquet he had actually bought. I greeted him with a single, long-stemmed red rose as well.

We have shared so many romantic moments. He took me to an exquisite restaurant in Anchorage. We took a break from dinner and went out into the street for some air and just held each other and swayed to no music but our hearts.

We went to a jazz club to dance and were so enraptured in the company of each other that we never danced once. Instead, we sat side by side in the corner back booth swaying together. It has been so lovely.

He is so in love, as am I. Friends have said to me, "Liane, he is sooooo in love with you." Being worshiped by a man and totally appreciated is foreign to me. How wonderful it feels.

He proposed to me in front of a crackling fireplace on the deck of a home overlooking the Eagle River Valley. It was a golden autumn day.

Thank you again.

Liane and Donovan

Found love on Spark? Tell us about it »