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Linda and Robert


I was searching for a friend and joined several sites in hopes of finding someone to share some time with and to enjoy a close friendship. Your site was one of the sites where I searched through the pics.

Robert's was one of the first I saw. I sent him a tease and went on looking. It must have been a week or more before he responded by sending a tease back to me. From there, we started emailing each other. We learned we both worked the same shift and knew it would be difficult to set up a meeting. We both worked 3rd shift, and his hours differed from mine. An since we also both worked weekends, we set up a dinner date.

As I arrived for our date, I discovered he had arrived an hour earlier in anticipation of meeting me and not wanting to be late. We had a fantastic dinner and discovered we had the same tastes in many things. I couldn't help but stare at him. His smile was genuine. His eyes sparkled. I also noticed he was doing the same to me. Our sense of humor kept us joking around all evening, and we knew it was just the beginning for us. As we ended our evening and he kissed me good night, he promised to call me the next day. And he called every day thereafter.

We found ourselves together every weekend, and at Christmas, he met my family. They loved him as one of the family. I have met his family and feel like a member of the family. With his two sons and my two daughters -- all teenagers from 16 to 21. We have had lots of fun together, and it’s funny how they’ve all adjusted to our relationship.

Robert and I both feel like we met our soul mate. Some look all their lives, but really they might find what they’re looking for closer than they think -- there was only 30 miles between Robert and I. Who would have thought we could be that close and never know it – especially will all the time I spent shopping in the town he lived and never crossed his path

It has been beautiful as we spend each day sharing our affection to each other. The love has grown and continues to grow daily. Thanks for being there for us.

Linda and Robert

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