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Lisa and Jaiem


I had been in a long-term relationship that didn't work out and came to an abrupt end. For two years after, I didn't date. All of my friends had already married and many had children, so it was impossible to be in places where I could meet anyone.

I had recently purchased a computer and was signed up with the Internet. There was much talk about meeting people online, so I decided to give it a try.

I posted a profile on your site in 1997. I had a flood of responses. I corresponded with a ton of people through AS and ended up meeting four in person. The first three were nice guys. We went out for the evening and had a nice time, but there was no connection. The fourth guy, I emailed with for 3 months before we finally decided to meet on Valentines Day, 1998.

We met and did the standard dinner and a movie. We continued to email and then went out another time, then again and again. Three and a half years later, while vacationing in Block Island, he proposed! We married this past August, 2002. We live on Long Island and own four Internet businesses and two cats.

The benefit about meeting people online is that you really get to know so much about someone before you meet them. You can tell from continued correspondence their sense of humor, likes and dislikes. For those who are nervous about meeting new people, you get the opportunity to think through your responses before hitting the send button to make sure that what you are saying is what you really mean.

Meeting this way was perfect for Jaiem and I. He lived in Queens. I lived on Long Island. Not too far away, but we both worked busy jobs and our free time was limited--so email was a perfect way to communicate every day.

I would recommend AS to anyone who can't bear to do the "bar scene" or just can't find a good place to meet someone. In addition to meeting the love of your life, you will make good online friends all over the world. I have many friends that I still correspond with.

Lisa and Jaiem

Found love on Spark? Tell us about it »
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