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Dorothy and Lyle


After we got married, our friends asked us how we met. The reason for this is that Dorothy is from Dallas, Texas and I am from Bella Vista, Arkansas--360 miles from each other. When we tell them that we met on the Internet, their usual comments are: "you've got to be kidding" or "is that a safe way to meet?" (Meeting through the Internet seems even more unusual for us because we are both widowed, retired and in our 60's.) We then happily tell them how the matching process works on your site.

I received several matches from your site, and Dorothy's profile included many of the things that I was looking for. She had also attached a photograph, which finally helped me decide to contact her. On February 20, 2000, I sent my first email to her. My profile also included my picture. A few days later, I received an answer from her. For the next several weeks, we continued with our email messages, answering each other's questions. Next came the telephone conversations. We finally decided it was time to meet. On April 14th, I drove down to Dallas to spend a long weekend with her. We did the usual things--dinner, movie, sightseeing--and finally had dinner and wine at her home, along with a lot of conversation.

From that point on, we continued our emails, phone calls, and traveling to each other's homes. Things started to get serious towards the end of May, and we came to the conclusion that, just maybe, we were meant for each other and it was time to move on to the next level... marriage. This raised other questions, such as: where would we live--her house with a swimming pool or my house on a lake? We decided that it would be better for us to sell our homes and purchase a new one. We found just what we were looking for. A new home located on a golf course in a wooded, gated retirement community in Arkansas.

Our wedding was on September 23, 2000. The ceremony was held in a beautiful chapel in the woods overlooking a lake. We moved into our new home four days later. A delayed honeymoon is being planned for April, with a two-week trip to Europe.

I am attaching a wedding photograph.
PS. Please remove my profile from the site's database.

Dorothy and Lyle

Found love on Spark? Tell us about it »
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