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Kristi and Martin


I am Martin, aka Citizen, from Merriam, Kansas. I had only been a member of your site for a week before I met Kristi, aka K-Girl, from Pierre, South Dakota. Kristi had already been a member for several months.

We met because I was searching for someone to discuss a small problem with. According to email records, it was on a Friday. We started talking in the chat room every night! We were hitting it off so well that by the next Tuesday night, we were already sending some of the most intimate questions back and forth.

On Wednesday, I sent the most intimate question of all, and her comment was: "You are direct, aren't you?!" By that night, we were talking on the phone. We both immediately 'felt' like something was going to happen between us, and both of us already knew that we were in love!

Anyway, we were talking about "visions" that we had had about each thing led to another...and out of her mouth popped: "You know that if you asked me to marry you tonight, I would have to say YES."

I asked, "What did you just say?"
She said, "Huh? When?"
I said, "What was that last comment you made?"
She said, "Oh, I just said that since this is all moving at rocket speed and we both feel this was intended by God, if you were to ask me to marry you, I would say yes."
There was quite a pause. Then, I asked her to marry me, and she said yes.

Now, this story is NOT just about a quick puppy-love relationship! I am 39, and she is 36. We are pretty much set up in our lives and are not out to mess up what we already have. We definitely feel that there was some divine intervention! Besides, we have only found ONE thing out of thousands, that we do not agree on: SHE DOESN'T LIKE JIM CARRY!!! That is the ONLY thing, and there hasn't been, nor could there ever be an argument over such a difference!! We are so compatible that it had to be a MIRACLE that we met! This was intended to happen!

We were married on Feb. 1, 2001, and we had a reception on March 31st. Our good friend Liz, aka Lady-fisherman, who we know from the 50s chat room, is a minister, and she came to Kansas City to do the affirmation of vows. We had a great time! And Liz even found a date here... one of my friends!

Now, Kristi and I are just wondering when the honeymoon ends... because we really have FUN together. I even throw french-fries down the front of her shirt in restaurants, and the other women just have this look on their face of: "Why can't I find someone that will do that?" Here is a picture from the wedding reception. Liz is the one in the white shirt; Kristi is in the blue shirt; and I am in the blue shirt and black jacket. Kristi and I are, in fact, soul mates, and we have your site to thank for bringing us together!!!! You provide an excellent service to mankind, and both of us thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Kristi and Martin

Found love on Spark? Tell us about it »
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