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Nadia and Matthew


From approximately August 2002 to August 2003, I had joined a variety of dating websites and met a lot of different guys. One of the last websites I joined was your site. I didn't expect much more of a better response at that stage but just went with the idea that I had to be listed to have a chance of meeting new people and hoped I would soon meet someone I connected with. I had already had my fair share of guys who contacted me for stupid reasons or were only interested in meeting for one reason and people who just couldn't even hold a decent conversation. Admittedly, I made a few nice friends along the way.

One day I made the most of my membership on your site and sent emails to a whole heap of guys whose profiles interested me. As expected, I got only a few responses, and from those that I did get responses, the conversations didn't take off too well or they were from people who just wanted to waste my time. A few days later, I received an email back from Mathew4DA2, and we chatted online a few times, then many times on the phone, and finally agreed to meet in person since we got along so well over the phone.

We got along greatly -- great conversations, similar interests, etc; however, at first, he was much more fond of me than I was of him. I saw this as a real problem to begin with and almost decided to cut things off because I didn't want to hurt him or myself. In the end, I decided to stick it out because he was treating me so well, and I hadn't really had anyone treat me as good as he was treating me. He really made me feel special and good about myself and still does to this day. I found that I became more and more interested in him as I got to know him more and see his different sides.

We have now been dating for over 6 months. We are both real glad we found one another and are happy to tell people how we met and recommend this dating website to anyone single. We have recently started talking about getting married and plan to be engaged by the end of this year. It is so wonderful to have found someone so special.

Thank you for your website and the way it works. If it wasn't for your website, I wouldn't have met my boyfriend.

Nadia 'beachbabi' and Matthew

Found love on Spark? Tell us about it »