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Redheadgirl2277 and her true "Soul Mate"


This is probably the strangest, most meant-to-be story you'll ever read.

I had just gotten out of a very bad marriage and just wanted to meet some different guys and date for a change. So I did what I NEVER thought I would do...signed up for an Internet dating site, your site.

Well, at first I really didn't get a lot of replies, because I didn't have a picture on my profile. I did chat with a few interesting men. One even flew out from Salt Lake City to meet me after chatting three times and not even knowing what I looked like! We hit it off but realized that we couldn't be together because the way our life paths were taking us. So, I went back online to look some more. I figured if there was this wonderful man online there must be more!

Well, I met a few more, okay a lot more, after I put my picture on my profile! I chatted with some very interesting and nice men. As I was doing that, my roommate wanted to set me up on a blind date. I agreed and met her at the bowling alley, wondering what she was getting me into…

From the first time I saw him, I knew I loved him! It might have been because I went to Junior High with him and had a crush on him. But the little stinker didn't even remember me!!! Regardless of that, he was totally and completely head-over-heels for me from the first glance!

So, here is the other twist...I had talked to him in the 20's chat room a few times! I knew this person was out here in my neighborhood, but we had never gotten into really deep conversations, so we never realized that we were in fact SOUL MATES. I do not use that term lightly either. I have heard people talk about "soul mates," but I always just thought it was an overrated phrase for heavy lust! Boy was I ever wrong.

All in all, I guess you can say we were destined to be together since we were kids. Going to the same school, both moving out of state and coming back, having common friends (never knowing it), talking to each other online (not knowing who each other was), meeting and being totally and completely PERFECT for each other.

In the short time we have been officially together, we have become so wonderfully close. We are the best of friends, finish each others thoughts and sentences, and have decided that we are the puzzle pieces in each others lives that never knew were there. So, in a roundabout way, thank you. You guys were just one more link in our destiny to be together for the rest of our lives.

We have decided to save as much money as we can for our wedding on February 20, 2005 (His b-day is the 13th and mine is the 27th, same year, thus the day we picked out. Exactly one week between our b-days!). Yeah it seems awhile away, but we'll still be together forever married or not. True love does exist. We are living proof!

I hope and wish each and every one reading this is inspired by our story and never gives up hope of finding the one and truly only of their own!

Redheadgirl2277 and her true "Soul Mate"

Found love on Spark? Tell us about it »
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