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Vanessa and Shawn


My name is Shawn from Arkansas, USA, and I joined the site about 3 months ago to see if anyone there would like to try to get to know me. I paid the Premium Membership fee because, when I do something, I want to do it right. Well, it paid off a lot -- more than I paid for the service, in so many ways.

I met Vanessa from Lima, Peru, and we just started chatting and hit it off. We decided to take a vacation together down in Peru about a month and a half after we started talking to each other. We both thought that if we can click so well on the Internet, then we have to meet each other and see if anything else would happen.

Well, it was the best vacation that I have ever been on, and she told me the same. We got along like we knew each other a long time ago. It was great just to finally meet her in person. We fell in love with each other, and we started talking about making plans together for the future.

Well, that one week vacation was over, and I went back home. We only went through a couple of days and started missing each other so much that we just had to do something about it. So, we decided that she would move here with me and start a life together. We have talked about marriage and plan to take that step in the near future. We both want to thank the your site for making it possible for us to meet like this. We would have never met without you!

Thank you so much.

Vanessa and Shawn
Lima, Peru and Arkansas, USA

Found love on Spark? Tell us about it »
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