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Roxanne and Tim


I joined your site last October. I was separated from my now ex-wife, finalizing my divorce, and was settling into a new residence. I decided that the time had come to move on with my life and that it was time to do something about it.

A friend of mine came over on a Sunday afternoon. He suggested placing a personal ad on the Internet and checking some other ads out as well. He said that I had nothing to lose and I agreed with him.

The following day, I signed up for your site. I found some singles right in my area and began responding to their profiles. Some people wrote me back pretty quickly.

That afternoon, I wanted to see who was online near me since the chat feature was very useful. I saw one person who looked nice. After reading her profile, I sent her a message and she responded. It turned out that Roxanne was online looking for someone that she was corresponding with but hadn't heard from in a while.

We started chatting and, despite the fact that I was at work, got into a great conversation. We both noted that we just might be on to something, so we exchanged cell phone numbers. I called her that afternoon and we agreed to talk again that night.

I called her, as agreed, and we had a wonderful talk that went on past midnight. We were both divorced, looking to move, and we realized that we had a lot of the same interests. We ended that night's call by Roxanne agreeing to go out with me that coming Saturday night. All of this was happening the same day that I had joined your site!

We spent the rest of the week exchanging emails by day and talking on the phone at night. Each conversation was better than the last. In our emails, we exchanged questions and answers about each other as we attempted to get to know each other better.

Our first date was approaching and despite the fact that we had never set eyes on each other, we both admitted that we were on to something. I had decided to take Roxanne out somewhere very nice and where we would have to get dressed up. I decided that I wanted our first date to be something special and something we would always remember. Something inside of me said that this was really going to work out and be something special.

Saturday arrived and the both of us were going through frantic last minute preparations. It seemed as though we were getting married. Roxanne was out getting her hair and nails done, and I was out getting my haircut and my best suit dry-cleaned. I also picked up a dozen long stem roses for her.

That afternoon dragged and I became nervous. I tried to relax as best I could until it was time to get ready. I showered, dressed and left my apartment for Roxanne's. I arrived and my heart began to pound. She answered the door and we finally met. She gave me a kiss and that turned into even more kisses. Our eyes met and I knew.

We went out for dinner to a really nice restaurant. She had no idea where we were going as it was a surprise. She only knew that we had to get dressed up. There was a piano player there that they sat us close to. He asked us if it was our anniversary and we laughed and said it was our first date. He smiled and proceeded to play "Ribbon in the Sky" by Stevie Wonder.

After dinner, we went for a walk around the restaurant's gardens. It was a beautiful fall night with the moon shining down on us. We went to a nearby park that offers a beautiful look at the New York City skyline (we were in Northern New Jersey). I knew that I was in love and Roxanne noticed that there was something on my mind. She asked, and I told her that I was in love with her. She began to cry a bit and told me the same thing. We spent the rest of the night together with me getting home at 4 a.m.

We have been together ever since. We got engaged this past Valentine's Day and our wedding is set for October 18 at sunset on the beach in Key West, Florida. The date will mark the first anniversary of our first date. Our wedding song will be, appropriately enough, "Ribbon in the Sky".

On behalf of myself and Roxanne, we both send you a very special THANK YOU!

Roxanne and Tim
New Jersey

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