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Jenny and Attilio


God, where can we begin with our story? He was "Sports," and I was "nyYankeeFan," an obvious match from the beginning you could say. :)

I had visited other sites, but to be quite honest, my idea of finding Mr. Wonderful online had just about been thrown out the window, and then there was Sports...

You can say, our "almost perfect" match was put to a test when he, of all things, used to play for the, dare I say, The Mets… AARGH! , being the true Yankee fan that I am, decided to ignore his mild but perfect sense of humor when he emailed saying, "nobody is perfect," due to the fact that I was a Yankee fan.

I saw his pics, which had him wearing a Mets jersey… AARGH, another oversight on my part. But as he said, nobody is perfect, so I replied. Believe it or not…we were talking in less than an hour. True story…and no, I had never ever given my number out to a total stranger, especially a Mets fan. (smile)

We talked that day for a few hours, and talked every day since. Even though he lived in Florida and I in Texas. It was as if the two rival "baseball teams" were supposed to meet. We talked and talked and talked, and did I mention, we talked and talked for hours upon hours every day. I had decided to wait awhile before we actually met in person. I guess you can say I was being a bit realistic this time around. We did after all live very far away from each other.

We finally met two months later when he flew out to Texas. WOW! The hundreds of pictures we had exchanged over the net couldn't compare to the moment when the two of us finally saw each other in person. What an adventure, to say the least. I'm not sure who was more nervous, but whatever the case, the anticipation of actually seeing each other was well worth the wait.

We saw each other one more time after that and now we see each other every morning and every night… See, we both decided Texas and Florida were much too far away from each other, so after not much consideration, I decided to pack up my things and head on over to be with my Mr. Wonderful forever.

My life has definitely changed and so has his. Thing is, I have a son. So not only did Mr. Sports find himself a Yankee fan, he also found himself a ready-made family. Before you ask, Mr. Sports had my son's new room all set up before we got there, including a NY Mets jersey and his first glove and bat.

At this point, as we sit here and write you our story, we couldn't be happier. Please share this with all of those skeptical non-believers out there. Trust us, it can be done. There is love out there for all of you. Seize the moments, as life is too short. Appreciate every moment you have been given, and be true to yourselves. We would love to keep you guys posted on our new life together, after all we owe it all to your site.

Jenny (NyYankeeFan) and Attilio (Sports)

Found love on Spark? Tell us about it »
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