The Spark app is different
You’re more than just a bio! That’s why we created Spark – the dating app designed for self expression. We want you to show who you are instead of saying it.

It’s not always easy to find the right words to describe yourself
Some dating apps ask you to answer many questions during a lengthy onboarding process while others want you to describe yourself in a few short sentences. This can be tough, especially if you’re new to dating and don’t know how to find the right words to make you stand out from the crowd. You can miss out on great matches with other dating apps because users have to look through so many profiles that look more or less the same.

Not the same old story
We want to put a stop to conformity by giving you the right tools to express yourself through more than just words and photos. This makes every profile a unique and new discovery. We only ask you the essential questions to get started upon signing up. Then it’s up to you to design your profile the way you like it.

Each Spark profile consists of what we call “Frames“ and you can add as many as you like. There is the “Cover Frame” that shows your profile picture, name, and if you wish, a short teaser. You can then choose from various other Frame types, some of which help you add pictures, videos, and text.

Other Frame types include games and challenges to show your personality and help you match with like-minded people. These “Instant Match“ challenges give you the freedom to define your own matching mechanisms. A user that solves the challenge you designed will become your match and you can instantly begin chatting. This way you can get matches knowing that you and your new connection have something in common without spending hours swiping and making the first move.

It’s your profile
Every profile will be unique since you can decide which Frame types to add, how many, and in what order. An individualized approach is at the forefront of the Spark experience.

Dating should be fun
We encourage all our users to get to know more about their matches before making a decision, which is why there is no swiping. You can either scroll through the Frames, or you can use the skip button to jump from Frame to Frame. Send a Spark to show your interest when you find a Frame you like. A match is created when the other user sends a Spark as well.

When you see an interesting Instant Match challenge, take it! You will match right away if your answers are compatible. If an Instant Match isn’t created, you can still send a Spark. Hold the skip button to fast forward to the next profile if you decide you are not interested in a particular profile.

We’ll be adding new Frame types regularly to ensure that our profiles stay interesting and that you will be able to constantly experience new ways to express yourself. Have an idea for a Frame? Go to your Account Settings and open a Feature Request to influence what we’ll develop next!