Spark’s guide to dating safely

Whether it’s your first time using a dating app, or you’re a seasoned professional, it’s essential to be informed on how to stay safe while dating (no, not just that type of staying safe!). We do everything that we can to prioritize your safety while using Spark. In fact, we take a multi-level approach to user safety. Our security protocols include detection software that monitors fraudulent or graphic content, and a highly trained Customer support team who are here to help. We’ve also made it easy to report any suspicious profiles.

Ultimately though, online wellbeing is a team effort and it’s smart to keep your own safety in mind when meeting new people. Use our tips, insights and practices to stay safe and enjoy your online dating adventure with Spark.

Creating your profile picture

Protect your identity and personal information

Keep anonymity in mind

Refrain from providing too much identifying information (e.g last name, place of work, places you frequent) in your profile and initial communication. Lots of our users feel safer using a pseudonym!

Don’t feel pressured in to sharing contact info.

Don’t include your contact information (e.g phone number, social handles, email address, or real-life address) in your profile. Only share this information once/ if you are comfortable – usually after meeting at least once in person. If someone is pressuring you for such details, block and report their profile. Our Customer Support team takes these reports with utmost seriousness.

Connecting with your matches

Getting to know your matches, and evaluating your relationships

Message through Spark

While you are still getting to know someone, we recommend that you act with caution, and keep your communication to within the Spark platform. Remember, we can only help monitor communication that happens via our app. If someone is pressuring you to take your conversation elsewhere, block and report their profile. Use caution when sharing photos and other content

When you sign up with Spark, your user content is considered copyrighted. In other words, our terms and conditions state that other users cannot share your content without your consent. Nevertheless, it’s important to use common sense when sharing personally identifying content. As rule of thumb, never share anything you wouldn’t want to go public. And, if someone is pressuring you for content (for example, explicit pictures), block them and report them immediately.

Never send money

There is no reason for someone to ask another user to send them money or to ask for any financial information on the Spark dating app. Keep your banking details private, including your credit card numbers, account numbers, and social security number. If someone does request money or online gift cards, please immediately block and report them to our Customer Support team.

Report suspicious behavior

Always report suspicious behavior and members to us. Other people may not notice, and it always helps to report – even if you aren’t 100% sure. Trust your instincts and trust that our customer service team will investigate every case.

We need to stay on top of fraudulent users and help protect one another – that involves you working as part of our community and reporting anyone that you think may be violating Spark’s policies.

Meeting in-person

A huge step in online dating is meeting someone offline for the first time. While meeting in person can be wonderful (it’s why we’re here after all!), you should always take precautions, and consider these do’s and don’ts.


  • Inform a close friend or family member about where you are going and when you plan to be home
  • Choose a public place to meet and if your date pressures on going to a private place, end the date
  • Don’t stay if you are feeling uncomfortable
  • Be careful with your alcohol consumption and don’t leave your drink unattended
  • Keep your phone, wallet, and any personal item with you at all the times
  • Ensure all parties are giving active consent to initiate a sexual activity
  • Ensure your sexual health by using appropriate protection


  • Meet your date without letting anyone know
  • Go to a private location to meet for the first time
  • Stay if you are feeling uncomfortable
  • Cross your personal limits on alcohol intake and don’t keep an eye on your drink
  • Leave your personal items unattended
  • Initiate sexual activity without having mutual consent
  • Involve in sexual activity without using appropriate protection

Identify scammers

A sad reality of dating online is that there are unscrupulous people online. Some people may be trying to take advantage of you. If you suspect someone of trying to scam people on the Spark app, please report them to us, even if you are not 100% sure.

Some common behaviors that the scammers follow: